5 apps that I frequently use



Hey friends! I like the apps that serve the purpose efficiently. No one likes to download apps that need to be erased in the blink of an eye cause it is useless. As we are living in the technology-era and paying loads for the smartphones and tablets, the efforts should pay off at least in terms of simplifying and organising things for us. I would like to share 5 apps that work for me, hope you enjoy it.

  1. Lomotif

I have been using Flipagram before I found the Lomotif app. It is a very simple video editor that combines the video or photographs with music. You can choose your music over a billion songs and create your visual mash-up. Especially if you are a casual Instagram user, you can create a shareable video with a very little effort. You can also edit your video’s colors. Simple yet effective.



  1. Flipboard

Flipboard learns your reading habits and interests. So every Flipboard user has its content structured according to its interests. Since I don’t have to dig up the web in order to keep up with the news that I like, I save a lot of time while using this app. It gathers all the newspapers, magazines and blogs to provide you with a personalized magazine. I especially prefer reading Flipboard on Ipad, as it has such good visuals.


  1. Citymapper

This app is officially a life hack. Travelling abroad gets easier with this app. Never get lost again. It will draw you a route with all the transportations sources available including walking. If you prefer walking, it even shows how many calories you would burn during your trip. Additionally, it will provide you the time and cost of the journey with the available sources. So what more can you expect from an app? At the moment, Citymapper is only available for Rome, Milan, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, Paris, London, Manchester, Madrid, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, Chicago.



  1. Clue

A period tracker makes it so simple to keep a solid record of your periods. You don’t have to write the date where you would probably forget. I have been searching for a period tracker that I like till Clue. Thanks for the technology-era that I can keep my period track effortlessly. I really appreciate this one. ☺



  1. Delectable

Do you want to become a member of wine lovers community? Having a good knowledge of wine is a sign of intellectual level in most communities. Let’s be real, yes I have some experience with wines I could understand a difference between a good wine and a bad wine by tasting it. However, isn’t it difficult to distinguish it only from a wine bottle’s label. This cheeky delectable wine app helps you out with the choice of the wine before you need to pop the bottle. You just scan the wine label and wait for the reviews and rate for that wine; that’s a good way to prevent having disappointments once you crack that bottle open.