London the city that never sleeps

Eeeekk..!!! This is my first post.. Hello everyone!!! Or noone ☺ I don’t even know how many of you are gonna read this. Hope it will be loads of you (***finger crossed)

Within this one, I would like to share a quick summary of my last trip to London this month for 5 days to attend my masters degree’s graduation ceremony. London has a special place in my life. My love to London might arise from the fact that I lived apart from my family and loved ones for the first in my life in order to study in London. Or may be it is just London itself, a city never sleeps with a never-ending things to do’s. Anyone can find something for themselves either you are into markets, shopping, art, nightlife, posh life, food, music..etc. And if you don’t mind the cold weather, nearly all the best places is a walk by distance. So you can almost travel the city by walk that is a gold for me as I really enjoy exploring city by foot. Even if you don’t feel like walking, you may use buses and tube. For me the best London transportation method is the bus as I can see around whilst travelling; however, it will take much more time than a tube. As expected in one post I won’t be able to write my whole year in London but I can guarantee that this will not be the last post about London.


The first date we arrived it was freezing yet I feel like I am home again. I left London in September so here I am again in London after 5 months. London is beautiful when the weather is bright, but in winter, cold is rougher when it’s sunny, and the cold bites your skin. On the other hand, when it rains, the weather is mild, for this reason walking through city is easier. What a dilemma ☺


I am in love with the colours of this tiny alley called ‘Neal’s Yard’ which is located in between the Covent Garden and Seven Dials. Seven Dials is an area where seven streets converge containing small boutiques, restaurants and shops. Frankly, I like Monmouth Street more than another street in the seven dials area. Nothing much in Neal’s Yard alley; however, it is worth to get through on your way to seven dials if you would stop by covent garden.



I had to go my favourite breakfast spot ‘Fleet River Bakery’, which I used to go nearly every Sunday with my flatmate. ☹



Yummyyy isn’t it?

Fleet River is a quite local bakery. I had been to other fancy ones French Balthazar and British Wolseley. I couldn’t find anything special in Balthazar; hence, it is not worth to hassle to make a reservation at least for breakfast. However, I am %100 in for Wolseley look at this delicious one.



Wolseley is always crowded so be sure that you reserve your table in advance. Wolseley’s pancake is the most delicious amazing one I have ever had till now.

Since being in Wolseley, it would be a shame, not to drop by touristic Regent Street and its shop.



From Regent Street, I immediately took myself to lovely Carnaby Street, in which you may find concept stores and coffee shops. As I had walked enough that day I was in need of coffee, so I took a break in there.



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After a bit more travelling around and keeping up with London, I got what I was dreaming of since I left London. Lobsters!! In Istanbul having a lobster for feeding yourselves isn’t a thing as it is remarkably expensive. I literally had an affair with Burger & Lobsters for a year, and I was wondering about Burger&Lobster’s people’s new brand Smack Deli, which has the same old their delicious lobster roll. I like the most its unpretentious style. You don’t need to make a reservation as it is not a restaurant. Also, there are plenty of space no line!! So Smack Deli has eliminated all the negative side of the Burger&Lobsters. If you just keen to go for a lobster roll and fries, now on you don’t have to wait for a quick bite. And don’t forget to give it a try for their courgette fries.


However, it didn’t stop me to pop in Burger&Lobsters the very next day. But take a look at this plate guys am I wrong?


Somerset House is one of the most beautiful art centres with its galleries and facade. Additionally, don’t miss the view of Thames at the back of the building. The building is very close to South Bank. A 10 minutes walk by distance via Waterloo Bridge.



By night, we went to creative and amazing in all its aspects restaurant ‘Bob Bob Ricard’ which is located in Soho. We treated in Club Room area that has tables with the famous champagne press button. I urge you to do a reservation in advance to take the advantage of the Bob Bob Ricard’s club room. I doubt that the dining area has the same ambiance.


No worries even I was into their perfect mixed cocktails, I pushed the press for champagne button out of curiosity. ☺ However, I was mesmerised by the -18 degree vodka and caviar plate. That was fascinating!!! Afterwards, I decided to have caviar-vodka weekends.




So what was my purpose for this trip? Oh yes, my graduation. Here is a sneak peak for you about how I looked that day.